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The Projects Development Institute (PRODA) is Federal Government Industrial Research and Development Institute with the motto: Industrialization through Self-Reliance. It was established as Projects Development Agency (PRODA) by the defunct East Central State at the end of the Nigerian Civil war with 3 Independence Layout, Enugu, as its Headquarters, while operating pottery and engineering workshops in Ekulu, both of which originally, belonged to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in Enugu.

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PRODA’s engagement in innumerable demand-driven research, over the last 40 years, has led to innovative breakthroughs and made tremendous impact diverse sectors of the economy – agro-allied, construction, chemical, energy, metallurgical, electrical/electronic, automotive, ceramics, etc.

Through collaborations and partnerships, PRODA has established cottage industries in various communities, and supervised over one thousand (1000) Constituency Projects from which over four hundred thousand jobs have been created nationwide. Though these performance indicators have demonstrated the Institute’s capacity to mass produce, and commercialize, the products of research and development, much still has to be done to successfully commercialize these findings and make them competitive locally and globally.

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