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A LOOK INTO OUR Strategic Future

Those who see the future, owns it….

Research & Design of Machines

Research and development work into the following; Rotating machines such as induction motors, transformers such as instrument transformers, distribution/power transformers etc.

Development of Agro-processing Machines

We are involved in development of agro-processing machines to meet the challenges that arise from processing agricultural raw materials into finished products.

Production of Machine Components

Agro-Machines and other machines components are regularly researched, developed and produced to meet the needs of adequate spare parts for these machines.

What we do for you


Mechanical Power Systems

Mechanical power systems are mechanisms or devices that convert mechanical energy into useful work, often involving the transmission, transformation, or generation of power for various applications.


Material & Metallurgical Research

Material and metallurgical research is the scientific study of materials’ properties, structure, and behavior, especially metals and alloys, to develop better materials for diverse applications.


Chemical Engineering Research

Chemical engineering research focuses on applying principles of chemistry, physics, and engineering to design, optimize, and innovate processes for chemical production, materials, and energy.


Agro & Allied Research

Agro and allied research encompasses scientific investigations in agriculture and related fields such as livestock, fisheries, and forestry to enhance productivity, sustainability, and rural development.


Pilot Plant Development

Pilot plant development is the creation of a scaled-down version of an industrial process to test and optimize procedures and technologies before full-scale production.


Ceramics Research

Ceramics research explores the synthesis, properties, and applications of inorganic, non-metallic materials, often fired at high temperatures, for uses ranging from pottery to advanced technology.


3rd International Conference 2024

3rd International Conference 2024

The DG/CEO Engr Dr Peter Okwudilichukwu Ogbobe delivered a keynote speech/paper presentation on PRODA in Perspective at the just concluded Michael Okpala University of Agriculture Umudike's College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. The 3rd international...

Tour With Chinese Investors At PRODA

Tour With Chinese Investors At PRODA

The DG/CEO Engr Dr Peter Okwudilichukwu Ogbobe in his continuous/unrelenting efforts to return PRODA to it's former glory and make it one of the leading research Institute in the world, have sort out partners, collaborators and or investors both locally and...