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Materials and Energy Technology (MET) Department is one of the core and Research departments in Projects Development Institute (PRODA) Enugu. It is in her mandate to Promote Research and Development activities tailored towards the realization of the institute’s mandate.



MET activities are geared towards the development of appropriate materials and energy technologies such as solid, liquid and gaseous fuels to be used as energy source for power equipment as well as research and development into alternative, renewable and affordable resources and materials such as solar, wind, geothermal etc for national development.

We also have the mandate to develop science equipment for teaching and advancing science, technology and innovation in our schools.

Research Areas

Presently, we are engaged in research and development in the following:-

  • Coal Carbonization and briquetting
  • Bio-Fuels Development and Production
  • Azo – Dye Production from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
  • Coking of Nigerian Lafia – Obi Coal
  • Coal Liquefactions
  • Bio – mass Energy Briquetting
  • Solar Energy Utilization Products and Solar Still Development
  • Analytical Laboratory Services
  • Material Analysis and Characterization
  • House – hold Products Development
  • Collaboration with other Research Departments in the realization of PRODA Mandate
  • Consultancy Services to Local industries and Tertiary institutions
  • Internship Training to Students on SIWESS Programs


Publications & Research Outputs

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It is worth mentioning that all other research departments in the institute depend on MET Department for preliminary and final investigations on her products and materials, for example the properties of the raw materials and products from the Industrial alcohol distillation plant developed by the ERDP Department were analyzed in the MET Department Laboratories.

With the acquisition of some modern, sophisticated equipment and Specialized Laboratories, the Department can provide better results for analysis and offer more services to researchers and those pursuing advanced studies in Science and Engineering faculties and institutions.


The Department is structured into Four (4) Divisions namely: –

  • Energy Division
  • Geological Sciences Division
  • Natural Products and Polymer Division
  • Materials Division

 For effective supervision and timely delivery on its mandates the Divisions are further divided into units as follows

Energy Division

  • Process and Equipment Unit
  • Design and Fabrication Unit
  • Carbonization and Briquetting Unit

Geological Sciences Division

  • Drilling Unit
  • Mineral Exploration Unit
  • Geo-Physical Unit

Natural Products and Polymer Division

  • Analytical Services Unit
  • Mineral Ores and Polymer Unit
  • Bio – mass/Microbiology Unit

Materials Division

  • Glass Blowing Unit
  • Instrumentation Unit
  • Physical Testing and Solar Energy Unit