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These services are anchored by the department of Engineering Research Development and Production (ERDP) and the department of Electrical Power and Electronics Department (EPED).

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Service 1 : Maintenance/ Servicing of Electrical/ Electronic Equipment

  1. Maintenance of refridgerators and air conditioners.
  2. Auto Electrical maintenance services.
  3. Maintenance of electronic equipment such as radios and televisions.


Service 2 : Solar (PV) Power Design Installation and Servicing.

  1. Solar PV installation, maintenance for home appliances.
  2. Solar street design, installation and maintenance for lighting public parks, highways, public/private gardens, etc.
  3. Solar battery charging applications.


Service 3 : Installation/maintenance of Computer Systems.

  1. Installation of computer system.
  2. Maintenance of computer system, printers, scanners, etc.
  3. Computer training.


Service 4 : Microcontroller Based Design and Application

  1. Theory on microcontroller based system design and application.
  2. Introduction to micro controllers, its hardware architecture, instruction sets and parts.
  3. Introduction to programming in assembly language and/or other higher languages.
  4. LCD-based designs and LCD programming.
  5. Application/practical.


Service 5 : Software Based Design and Simulation.

  1. Proteus based system design and simulation
  2. AutoCAD.


Service 6 : Communication Equipment Installation & Maintenance.

  1. Installation of communication dishes, LNBFS, etc.