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The Ceramics Production Department is a specialized division within the institute that focuses on the development, manufacturing, and research of ceramics. Ceramics are non-metallic, inorganic materials known for their unique properties, which include high-temperature resistance, electrical insulation, hardness, and corrosion resistance.


There are three (3) divisions of the CPD

  • Research Division
  • Pottery/Ceramics Division
  • Bricks Division


  • Research and Development: The primary objective of this department is to conduct research to improve existing ceramics, develop new ceramic materials, and advance the understanding of ceramic science. This may include studying the composition, structure, and properties of ceramics.
  • Material Synthesis: Ceramics are made through various methods, such as powder processing, sol-gel techniques, or chemical vapor deposition. The department may develop and optimize processes for creating ceramics with specific properties.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring the quality and consistency of ceramic materials is essential. The department will have quality control procedures and equipment in place to monitor the characteristics of ceramics.
  • Testing and Characterization: This department likely has facilities and equipment for testing and characterizing ceramic materials. This may include mechanical testing, thermal analysis, and microscopy to understand the material’s properties and performance.
  • Product Development: In addition to research, some departments may work on the development of ceramic products. These can range from advanced ceramics for the aerospace industry to consumer goods like pottery and tiles.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration with other departments within the institute, as well as external partners such as universities, industry, and government agencies, is common for research and development purposes.
  • Industrial Applications: Depending on the research institute’s focus, the Ceramics Production Department may have a particular emphasis on applications like ceramics for electronics, advanced ceramics for medical devices, or ceramics for thermal insulation.