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About Us

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The Projects Development Institute (PRODA) is Federal Government Industrial Research and Development Institute with the motto: Industrialization through Self-Reliance. It was established as Projects Development Agency (PRODA) by the defunct East Central State at the end of the Nigerian Civil war with 3 Independence Layout, Enugu, as its Headquarters, while operating pottery and engineering workshops in Ekulu, both of which originally, belonged to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in Enugu. The aim then was to channel through applied research and technological innovation, the energies and newly found self-confidence of the indigenous engineers, scientist, and technicians into the solution of problems of industrial development of the state in particular, and Nigeria as a whole. Before the edict establishing it as a statutory Corporation was promulgated on 10th April, 1971 (Edict No. 11 of 1971), the Agency existed as a department of the Government, initially under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, but later, under the aegis of the Cabinet Office.

  In 1976, with the creation of Anambra and Imo States, the Agency was taken over by the Federal Government. In the new dispensation, it came under the authority of the Nigerian Council of Science and Technology (NCST) which later by decree No. 5 of 1977, PRODA Enugu became one of the Research Institutes placed under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).

 Its name was changed from the original Projects Development Agency to present Projects Development Institute, while maintaining the acronym ‘PRODA’. With the creation in 1980, of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, PRODA became one of the Research Institutes of the ministry till date.

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Those who see the future owns it. At PRODA we are vision driven and guided by laid down values.

Mission Statement

To facilitate the development and deployment of science and technology apparatus to enhance the pace of socio-economic development of the country through appropriate technological inputs into productive activities.

PRODA's Vision

To make Nigeria one of the acknowledged leaders of the scientifically and technologically developed nations of the world.

PRODA's Mandate & Core Values

The Projects Development Institute shall carry out research in industrial materials and processes to pilot plant stages, including engineering design, development and fabrication, and shall in particular conduct research into –

  a) materials science and technology, including metallurgy, foundry work, plastics and synthetic fibres;

  b) processing of ceramic materials and other solid based minerals for industrial use, including development of ceramic, glass and mineral technology;

  c) processing of local foodstuffs of economic value;

  d) mechanical engineering including engineering design, fabrication, machining and other processes;

  e) coal utilization;

  f) electrical and electronic elements particularly electrical generators, motors, transformers and switchgear;

  g) science laboratory equipment development including apparatus for teaching of the physical sciences and engineering;

  h) economic evaluation of research results to establish their viability in industrial projects;

  i) technical, analytical and consultancy service for existing and planned industries; and

  j) any other related matters as may be determined from time to time by the Minister

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Management Team

We have a dedicated Management Team that always put the well being of PRODA first

<a href="https://proda.gov.ng/peter-ogbobe">Engr. Dr. Peter O. Ogbobe</a>

Engr. Dr. Peter O. Ogbobe

Director General
<a href="https://proda.gov.ng/uwaegbute-grace">Mrs. Uwaegbute Grace</a>

Mrs. Uwaegbute Grace

HOD, Admin & HR
<a href="christiana-ude">Mrs. Christiana Ude</a>

Mrs. Christiana Ude

HOD, Internal Audit
<a href="https://proda.gov.ng/hyginus-eke">Mr. Hyginus Eke</a>

Mr. Hyginus Eke

HOD, Accounts & Finance
Dr. Mrs. Arit Etukudoh

Dr. Mrs. Arit Etukudoh

Coordinating Director South Liason Office

Projects Development Institute, Emene Industrial Layout, Enugu

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