lab analysis

When it comes to Consultancy and Technical Services, think PRODA

PRODA renders Consultancy and Technical Services to third parties in the private and public sectors in the following areas:

  • PRODA Engineering Workshops and Laboratories, Materials Characterization Laboratory (MCL).
  • Electrical and Electronics Laboratories, Ceramics, Research Laboratories and  Workshop.
  • Institutes Research Library.
  • Metals Analysis using atomic adsorption spectrophotometer (AAS)
  • Analysis of non-metals using ultra-violet (UV) spectrophotometer
  • Measurement of conductivity of liquids/metals using conductivity meter
  • Determination of refractive index of liquids using refractometer
  • Measurement of PH using PH meter
  • Colour assay of liquid samples using colorimeter
  • Determination of energy value using bomb calorimeter

We are committed to providing quality technical, chemical and physical analytical services for our clients.