1LOTW7PRODA Foundry UpgradingMiriamag Construction Co.Ltd
2LOT W94PRODA School Pencil DevelopmentMax Materials Ltd
3LOT W166Renovation Of Ceramic Production BuildingDe Humph Resources Investment Ltd
4LOTW170Partition Of Engineering Workshop With Aluminium StructuresOmelus Integrated Solution Ltd
5LOTW172Obstertrics And Gynecology Centre In Irun AkokoBadoff Facilities Construction Ltd
6LOTW187Rehabilitation Of Abayi-Ohuru Road Obingwa, Abia South Senatorial DistrictKingjen Engineering Ltd
7LOTW193Rehabilitation Of Umuadiole-Abala Road Obingwa Lga, Abia South Senatorial DistrictGreenmac Energy Ltd
8LOTW194Rehabilitation Of Umunwankwo-Umuagu Road Obingwa Lga, Abia South Senatorial DistrictGreenmac Energy Ltd
9LOTW195Rehabilitation Of Obikabia-Seven-Up Road Obingwa Abia South, Senatorial DistrictGanzair Compressor Technics Nig. Ltd
10LOTW217Rehabilitation Of Asa Nnetu Spare Parts Markets Central Road Ugwunagbo Abia South, Senatorial DistrictStar Point Investment Limited
11LOTW275Rehabilitation Of Umuatugboma Link Road To Enugu-Porthacourt Express Way In Akegbe Ugwu Nkanu West LGA Enugu StateGlakam Nig. Ltd
12LOT WCompletion Of Oburo Umuropalm Oil Processing Mill Ogwa, Mbaitoli Local Government Area, Imo StateBigma Global Concert Ltd
13LOTSP4Development Of Electrical And Electronic Components And GadgetsCharlotte Project
14LOTSP5Development Of DryersMax Materials Ltd
15LOTSP6Productions Of Azo Dye And Adhesive From Cashew Nut Shell LiquidAbdulahi Hawawo Construction Ltd
16LOTSP8Production Of Coke From Nigeria Lafia-Obi Coal From Steel IndustriesTimidoz Engineering & Son Ltd
17LOTSP70Development And Production Of Smokeless Solid Fuels And Activated Carbons From Coal And BiomassIndiana Company Ltd
18LOTSP75Upgrading Of CNC Machines/Workshop With New EquipmentMicziel Integrated Services
19LOTSP77Automation Of Cassava Processing To Garri Flow LineTall Dreams Nig. Ltd
20LOTSP79Lithium Ion Battery Research And DevelopmentObueri Construction Nig. Ltd
21LOTSP80Automation Of Palm Oil And Palm Kernel Oil Flow LineAjiya Central Services Ltd
22LOTSP82Automation Of Plantain Flour Processing Flow LineDon-Greg Int’l Ltd
23LOTSP83Automation Of Cassava Starch Processing Flow LineFopis Energy Services Ltd